I am Chris Sutherland (if you hadn't already guessed from the website title!) and I've worked in videogames for a little while now, covering Engineering (e.g. Donkey Kong Country, Banjo-Kazooie), Production (Viva Pinata, Xbox Avatars, Kinect Sports) and Project Management, and even some occasional VO (Killer Instinct and others)

Below you'll find a summary of some of the titles I've worked on.

Engineer The Amazing Spiderman GameBoy 1990
Engineer Sneaky Snakes GameBoy 1990
Engineer Battletoads Arcade 1993
Engineer Donkey Kong Country SNES 1994
Engineer Donkey Kong Country 2 SNES 1995
Engineer Banjo-Kazooie N64 1998
Engineer Banjo-Tooie N64 2000
Engineer Grabbed by the Ghoulies Xbox 2003
Producer Viva PiƱata Xbox 360 2006
Producer Xbox Avatars Xbox 360 2008
Producer Xbox Avatars V2 Xbox 360 2009
Producer Kinect Sports Xbox 360 2010
PM Kinect Sports: Season Two Xbox 360 2011
PM Kinect Sports Rivals Xbox One 2014