When a next generation kitchen aid is like a new console

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Issue 132 of Retro Gamer magazine is now out - and I'm in it!

There's an article from Nick Thorpe on the history of Banjo-Kazooie containing some Q&A with me .

If you were also around back in the mid 1990's you may remember this preview of Project Reality (later to become N64) technology.

It reminded me that however far advanced some new hardware may be, as a developer you always feel a gulf between those talking up the tech versus what you find it's capable of once it arrives in your hands.

This is not unlike when you find yourself in proximity to a TV shopping channel for a prolonged period, you become convinced the Shreddy Ultimate Vegetable Chopper 3000 is exactly what you need (because, hey - it doesn't just cut vegetables!), then once it arrives a few days after your impulse purchase you open it and find, hmmm…ah…oh…. it just cuts stuff a bit better than the Shreddy 2000 (yep…your previous TV purchase) which was in turn just a bit better than the knife you used to use… 

You can take that feeling of realisation right there and bottle it up with the label "Vintage How a Developer Feels When They Get Their First Beta of New Technology Up and Running"

Of course there's a little more to it as a developer; if the analogy was totally correct the story wouldn't stop at the unboxing of your new kitchen implement - you'd also be thinking "Uh oh - I've signed up for a cookery demo in 3 months, I need to make this thing look as good as they are saying it is!"

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